Technology and construction

At Tucann we take great pride in the quality of product we produce for our customers. Its not only a point of difference and way for us to separate us in the market but also allows us to develop a sense of pride around the brand name.


Getting our hands on the latest materials was a top priority when we decided to embark on the process of creating the 'perfect board shorts'. Through a lot of research and testing we decided on a medium density material (for comfort and weight) with 4 way stretch (for mobility and flexibility) for our outer short. After testing a few materials it was a no-brainer. 

For our 'inner short' there was a bit more to consider. It needed to be flexible, anti rash, comfortable, quick dry and fitted (just as if you were wearing bathers under your board shorts). The idea behind this was to eliminate the need to wear underwear.  We selected a material that ticked all these boxes and the end result is fantastic.

As a combined unit these shorts are fantastic to wear both in the water and out, and so comfortable and quick to dry that you will never want to wear another pair of shorts at the beach or in the pool.



Zippers & pockets - Our zips are both dust and water resistant. And the pockets will fit all phones up to an iPhone 7+ / Samsung Note! Understanding that having your phone close by at all times is a modern day requirement, we decided to move away from a traditional zipper to something a little more functional. Our encased zip provides sand and splash protection, ideal for the beach or pool and also ensure your valuables wont fall out while you enjoy your surroundings!

Fit - The fit of our shorts is like nothing you will have previously experienced. Why? Because they have been completely custom designed and fabricated from the ground up! Thats right, no existing template, no existing blueprint. We decided that the market had seen enough iterations of the same thing and change was needed. Our shorts are mid length, specifically for mobility but to also show off those quads! They are tapered from the waist down to give you an aesthetic look and they feature a semi elasticised waistband (only at the back) so your shorts look perfectly fitted every time.

Dual layer - Sick of wet underpants after a swim? Forgot a second pair and gotta 'free ball' in your shorts? It is a common frustration that needed to be eliminated and what better way to do that than incorporate fitted swim shorts within your board shorts. Both layers are quick dry, both are comfortable and flexible - welcome to the future!

 inner lining